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Bulletproof Coffee for Thirty Days and Beyond

GMM Bulletproof Coffee

At first glance, Bulletproof Coffee (BPC) didn’t seem groundbreaking to me. I was skeptical to say the least. Fat and caffeine? Surely it was just a placebo effect. I was already feeling energy gains from ketosis. Could I really boost the benefits of ketosis with a BPC every morning? I did what I always do and started down a long road of research.

History of Caffeine and Fat

Turns out that caffeine mixed with fat is nothing new. Humans in 9th Century Ethiopia would mix coffee beans with animal fat before coffee was even used as a drink. The mixture was given to warriors before battle to boost energy. Tibetan Butter Tea, or Yak Butter Tea, is very similar to Bulletproof Coffee and has been consumed for centuries by Tibetans to increase their energy in the high altitudes. The more I looked into the history, the more it seemed that humans discovered the benefits of caffeine and fat a long time ago. Somehow the Western world had lost or never adopted this tradition.

Standard Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

  • 8 oz Coffee
  • 1 tbsp Grass-Fed Butter
  • 1 tsp – 1 tbsp MCT Oil or Coconut Oil

This is the standard recipe for most Bulletproof Coffee lovers. I personally add protein powder to my BPC.

My Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

When I feel like having a sweet coffee, I use the Isopure Cookies & Cream Protein Powder. It makes the Bulletproof Coffee taste like hot chocolate! I use Bulletproof Brain Octane MCT Oil and Collagen Protein Powder simply because of their proven quality.

First Week

There were a few things I noticed when I drank my first Bulletproof Coffee. I immediately felt energetic, and more so than if I had just drank a cup of regular coffee. The higher boost to energy might have been a placebo effect, but the sating property of the beverage was not. I felt full. Full enough that I didn’t need to eat until hours later when I had a late lunch. All that fat really did work to fill me up. I assume the fat also helped to sustain the energy, because I felt the energy throughout the entire day.

Even with all the benefits, there was a negative that made me question whether I could continue drinking BPC. Drinking a BPC heightened my energy so much that it also heightened my anxiety. I even had a panic attack so strong that I ended up in the hospital. I don’t give up that easily, and I was determined to find the exact reason my anxiety was being triggered by BPC. After doing some research, I discovered MCT Oil was likely the culprit. I detail how I made my discovery in my Anxiety and MCT Oil post. Once I discovered what the issue was, it was fairly easy to tweak my dosage and solve the problem.

Rest of the Month

The following weeks were fine. My anxiety was rarely triggered, and I was able to control the anxiety if it ever was triggered. Over the next few weeks, I grew to love Bulletproof Coffee. The steady energy boost that it provides aids in mental clarity and focus. I have yet to grow any sort of tolerance. Each day that I consume a BPC, I feel the same mental boost.


Even with the panic attacks and heightened anxiety, the benefits of consuming a Bulletproof Coffee held too much weight. The benefits of energy, focus, and mental clarity motivated me to find a way to keep consuming BPC every morning. After my experiments, I’m able to continue with BPC, and I will continue for the foreseeable future.

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Anxiety and MCT Oil


Anxiety & Panic Attacks

I’ve been dealing with anxiety most of my life. I thought I had had panic attacks before, but I learned my lesson when I really had one in July of 2017. I’ll never forget that day and the terror I felt. Ever since then, the frequency has increased. Each doctor wants to blame something different. It’s the keto diet, it’s all the exercise, it’s this and that. But the first panic attack I had was before all of these triggers, so I wasn’t about to stop the things that improved my life so much just because I was starting to have panic attacks monthly. However, have to admit that something was causing my panic attacks to be more frequent. I was starting to have them weekly!

I removed things from my diet, I changed up how I exercised, and I recorded the data. It appeared that my panic attacks seemed to happen in the morning times and correlated heavily with my energy levels. Turned out that a Bulletproof Coffee triggered me the most. My assumption was that it was the caffeine and fats sending me into heightened ketosis, and this was triggering my panic attacks. I didn’t research any further and stopped drinking Bulletproof Coffee altogether. The panic attacks ceased, but my energy took quite a hit. I had grown accustomed and longed for the day-long energy boost that only a Bulletproof Coffee can deliver. There had to be more to it than simply the fats and caffeine. Coffee had never triggered panic attacks before, even when I drank copious amounts. So maybe it wasn’t quite the energy either. What exactly was it?

The Cause

I started digging again, and I suddenly had the thought to Google “mct oil panic attack”, just to see if there was some sort of correlation. This led me to articles like this one,¬†this post, and other resources that alluded to heightened anxiety with MCT oil. This led me to do even more research. I had known that coconut oil was metabolized much faster than other fats, but I didn’t realize that it had this much potential to trigger anxiety.

When I consume MCT Oil, I get almost an instant rush and feel as if my heart is racing. This begins a downward spiral until I am sent over the edge and a panic attack happens. I discovered this through extensive testing by changing my MCT Oil dosage and continuing my Bulletproof Coffee every morning. I can now consume MCT Oil in the right dosages without having much of an issue, and now that I understand the problem, my anxiety isn’t as intense.

Hopefully this helps anyone else that might have the same reactions to MCT Oil! Don’t give up!