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Open Source Recipes

Open Source Recipes

I’ve been writing my own recipes for awhile now. Ever since I started Keto in February, I’ve been keeping up with the recipes I put together. I came up with a few good recipes this Thanksgiving including a Green Bean Casserole recipe. While I plan on eventually posting them all here on CMT Keto, in the mean time, I’ve published some of them on GitHub. Github allows for these to be completely open source, meaning anyone can contribute to them or copy them however they like.

My career is as a consultant and developer, mostly on Open Source Software on IBM i. Basically, I work with a lot of open source code. This gave me the idea to open source my recipes, and now anyone can copy, edit, and contribute to them however they like. I still plan on adding recipes to CMT Keto, but I think it’s also nice to have an open source version where people can do what they like with my recipes.

You can find the pretty (GitHub Pages) version of the recipes here:

These recipes can now be found on the CMT Keto website.